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Injection Mold Steel Blade

At RB Tool & Manufacturing Company we’ve established a reputation for meeting exacting tolerances and producing precision results. When one of our customers of more than 20 years needed two high-precision steel saw blades for an injection molding application, we knew our 4th axis wire EDM equipment was just right for the job.

The customer’s drawings called out dimensions of 4.500″ by 3.500″ by 0.375″, an 8-micron finish, and dimensional tolerances of ±0.001″. Composed of 4140 pre-heat treated tool steel, this project highlights the benefits of Electrical discharge machining (EDM), as it would be very difficult and expensive to achieve these dimensions and tolerances with traditional machining.
Injection Mold Steel Blade

EDM provides excellent precision even with hard, difficult to machine materials such as tool steels. With this equipment at our disposal, we can deliver a cost-effective solution for challenging products. Additionally, the 4th axis wire allows us to make non-orthogonal cuts with the same precise execution; this added flexibility further enhances the cost benefits associated with EDM. These saw blades provide a good example of the superiority of EDM performance in cases requiring interruptions in the cut.

Dimensional integrity was maintained through rigorous dimensional and visual inspection, including the use of our coordinate measuring machine (CMM), which confirmed the blade matched the solid model, meeting customer specifications, and industry standard ISO9001:2015.

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Highlights of this Project

  • Injection Mold Steel Blade
  • Part manufactured complete by Wire EDM 
  • 4.500″ X 3.500″ X 0.375″
  • 4140 PHT
  • 8 microns
  • Dimensional & Visual Inspect, CMM
  • Consumer Products-Injection Mold
  • 2 pcs
  • FOB Origin
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Solid Model, Customer specifications